Random Letters 5/2/19 — Reaction to Daily Breeze Opinion; Cesar Chavez Day; Women’s Right to Abortion?; Open Letter to Priscilla Chan & Mark Zuckerberg


Reaction to Daily Breeze Opinion

After reading the Daily Breeze editorial from April 10, written by George Will, a conservative columnist, “Another Chance for Lawmakers to Sink Jones Act,” I am thinking they hired a foreign spy to write their editorials. I cannot forgive, but understand how Sen. Mike Lee from Utah, author of a Bill to gut the Jones Act could have his head where the sun doesn’t shine in his land-locked state, but in the Daily Breeze?

I can hope and pray that your excuse is ignorance and not treason. Ignorance that sinking The Jones Act would also sink what is left of our United States Merchant Marine which is already in dire straights for various reasons including politicians scuttling our shipyards in the 1980s and our American companies using the flag of convenience system throughout the world. Ignorance of how the Jones Act protects our country from threats from abroad and prevents threats becoming domestic. Without our Jones Act, foreign interests would be all the way up the Mississippi. Ignorance of what our American Merchant Marine means to our country and always has since 1775. We supplied and continue to supply our soldiers all over the world. Foriegn shippers who have no loyalty to the United States have refused to carry our military cargo in every war and conflict we have ever had. Ignorance of our history and how the Jones Act needs to be built up not gutted.

Sen. Wesley Jones was correct in 1920 when he said, “There is nobody nowadays to look after American interests except we Americans ourselves. It is said this will drive foregn shipping from our ports. Granted I want to do it.” Unfortunately, the Jones Act is not enough. Currently, there are less than 200 ships in our United States Fleet, that is less than two percent of the vessels visiting our American ports. Without the Jones Act and the Maritime Security Programs [MSP] our fleet would all but disappear leaving our great country with our 95,000 miles of coast without our own Merchant Marine. It’s a flat out lie that Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico would be better off without the Jones Act.

American ships and crew provide and protect all our states. With 98 percent of foreign vessels importing and exporting cargo in the United States, you are proposing to get rid of the Jones Act to make it 100 percent foreign flag vessels. I think that is treason. Furthermore, I cannot  understand why someone would think that doing away with our meager two percent of shipping would drastically even meagerly affect the prices of our goods. I am sending along educational materials so this port paper can learn the importance of our Jones Act, Merchant Marine, American jobs and what they mean to our country.

Mark Hurley, Former SUP Agent, Wilmington

Dear Mark,

Why a good union man like you or any other union workers in this area would think that the Daily Breeze would support the Jones Act is beyond me. That particular newspaper has for its entire lifespan under various corporate ownerships always had an anti-union bias. That it claims to serve this Harbor Area which is one of the bastions of union power where voter registration is 65 percent Democrat, is a curious oddity.  Even more to the point is that when you hear the words “liberal media” you can certainly count that the new corporate owners, Digital First Media, are anything but liberal.

You and other readers might find this brief history of some use.

In August 2006, the company took out around $350 million in loans to purchase four newspapers from McClatchy Co. Among those providing the loan was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It came out of bankruptcy in March 2010 under the majority ownership of its lenders. The MediaNews creditors then removed Media News president, Jody Lodovic, and its chairman, William Dean Singleton, who was reassigned to the position of “executive chairman of the board.” The Singleton-Lodovic appointees to the MediaNews board were replaced by new directors representing the stockholders group led by Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund, which has acquired a large — though not controlling — stake.

As of 2012, the combined newspapers and online media outlets managed by the company had 66.6 million readers. Alden Global Capital has been accused of “strip mining” its newspaper holdings.

All of which is just say that you can tell the bias of a news media by who owns it.

Thanks for writing,

James Preston Allen, Publisher

Cesar Chavez Day

It’s ironic that this nation isn’t observing the last Monday in March as Cesar Chavez Day. Cesar transitioned April 22 1993.

I can’t understand why the Congressional Hispanic Caucus hasn’t brought this to the floor so that it can be voted on and passed into law.

Like Dr. King, Mr. Chavez stood for worker’s rights and equality for all.

Please let Chairman Castro of the CHC know the time has come to give Cesar Chavez his due by making the last Monday in March a national holiday.

 Pedro Baez, Los Angeles

Woman’s Right to Abortion?

Response to “Defend Abortion Rights” RLn 3/21 to 4/3/19

Women who feel that they have a right to access abortion need to consider a few things before terminating a pregnancy.  The brain waves of a fetus are recorded at forty days (six weeks) on an electroencephalogram (EEG). The Catholic Church actually considers that at the time of conception is when life actually starts.  If it is growing, it is alive, if it has human parents, it is human, and human beings like you and me are valuable. If the unborn are the most helpless of all humans, then this is an argument that the unborn should have greater protection under the law and not less.

Since 1991, over 1,500 abortion facilities have closed representing a 70 percent decrease in facilities nationwide.  One of the main reasons for closing facilities is staff turnover.  Who would want to see what takes place in an abortion facility?  The movie,  Unplanned tells the true story of a former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson. We encourage you to see it.

We have to pass laws that prohibit abortion as much as possible, as abortion should not be tolerated in a civilized society.  The main reason for outlawing abortion is that it is not moral.  Every human life is precious and sacred in the eyes of God and every person has a dignity that comes from God.

John and Patty Winkler, San Pedro

Dear John and Patty,

The religious conservatives of America would be on much higher moral grounds if they also lobbied against the death penalty, stopped supporting war and started funding prenatal care and pre-K learning, as well as funding public education and protecting immigrant children. Yet, they and you are singularly focused on abortion, which in my mind, is essentially a medical issue between a woman and her doctors.

The last thing we want in a free country is for the government to legislate who controls our bodies based upon religious beliefs.  The Roe vs. Wade decision should be upheld if for no other reason than the principle of separation of church and state. Your moral or religious convictions should not be imposed on your neighbors, no matter how compelling your argument is.

Thanks for writing,

James Preston Allen, Publisher

An Open Letter to Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg

San Francisco General nurse asks Facebook founder to drag brunch in the hope he’s willing to take his name off the public hospital (and quit doing studies on people without their consent).

Dear Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg,

I’m sorry we didn’t see you and your children in Dolores Park for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence 40th Anniversary Easter.

We stopped by your house in Noe Valley to politely ask if you will allow the name of San Francisco’s public hospital to be San Francisco General Hospital.

Way back in 2015, it was said that your donation of $75 million did not require the city to give you naming rights for all of SF General Hospital. Is that true? Are you willing to relinquish naming rights if that’s the will of the principal backers and users of SFGH?

We are asking the Board of Supervisors to let the voters decide in November. It would be a lovely redemptive gesture if you two were willing to make a public statement that you will work with the city to find an alternative way to acknowledge your donation.

We also want to express our concern about Facebook’s violation of human rights for so many people in our violent and hate-wracked world.

Mark, could you please meet with us to discuss the following ideas?

Promise to NEVER perform interventional research on human beings without their explicit and informed CONSENT. Consent is SEXY.

Promise to ALWAYS ask for independent prior review of proposed research.

ASK the National Academy of Sciences to RETRACT the study that successfully caused emotions to spread like a disease or “Emotional Contagion.”

Priscilla, I want to appeal to you directly as you are a respected physician at the same hospital where we work. Here are some questions:

Do you think it’s ethical to perform research on people without their knowledge or consent?

Do you feel as we do that it is creepy to endeavor to spread emotions like a disease?

As you know, Facebook just acknowledged gathering millions of email contacts and kept plain text passwords available for employees to see. Do you know what would happen if one of us obtained and shared the emails or passwords of even ONE of our patients?

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will let us know when we can sit down to discuss these ideas and hear any ideas you may have.

Sasha Cutler, San Francisco