Keeping the Beer Taps Flowing During the Pandemic


In this latest edition of Random Lengths, we picked up a column by Beer Paper L.A.’s David Mulvihill, “Navigating the Current Normal,” an apt title for how quickly things have changed during the pandemic.

In this column, Mulvihill discusses the specific plights of breweries large and small to comply with alcohol beverage regulations during the pandemic on the federal, state and local levels.

Mulvihill also discusses what brewers have been doing with their unsold beer that has aged past their prime. Mulvihill notes brewers have the option of destroying the unsold beer or donating it for the making of sanitizer.

Mulvihill, a beer enthusiast and business side support to local breweries, notes that the reopening of breweries is a more onerous and more complicated thing to navigate during the pandemic. But he does highlight how breweries are making use of outdoor parking lot dining and other ideas to keep the beer taps flowing.

Read Mulvihill’s column here.