San Pedro Festival of the Arts 2020

We Wear Human Skin Under All These Clothes by Alán L. Pérez will be performed at the San Pedro Festival of the Arts

San Pedro♥Festival of the Arts (previously the TriArt♥Festival) announces its 14th year.

This is a free virtual family event featuring dance exclusively in its many forms. The link opens on Sept. 19 and 20, open for two weeks through Oct. 4.

Eight years ago, the TriArt♥Festival moved to Ports O’ Call Village, helping draw in thousands of new spectators, performers and vendors to showcase San Pedro as a center for art. After creating settings in a few more locations, in 2019 San Pedro Festival of the Arts had a new home at Anderson Memorial Senior Citizen Center. In conjunction, a health/wellness and a visual art/community event produced by the Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks also took place both days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was unable to return to Anderson, leaving all group events in uncertainty. However, the Department of Cultural Affairs suggested moving to a digital platform honoring Council District 15. Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County supervisor of Supervisorial District 4, has also pledged a grant supporting this.

Original founder, Joe Caccavalla, envisioned the dance, music and visual arts and crafts as the heart of the festival to foster art appreciation. After his death in 2012, the producers re-forming as SAN PEDRO ♥ TRI ART Festival. Executive producer and dance director Louise Reichlin curates a diverse range of companies from a large competitive group of applications. Performances this year include ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary and specific and fusion ethnic groups. Professional choreographers range in age up to 79 years old. Also included are professional dance companies and four studios or schools including a few performers younger than 10.

As part of its mission, the San Pedro Festival of the Arts in collaboration with Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers / Louise Reichlin & Dancers assert that education that takes place in the arts transcends generational, cultural and economic boundaries. It provides the tools necessary for people of any age to express themselves, work through problems and find self-fulfillment. 

Indeed for students, the arts are especially important to promote self-confidence, to learn to work with others in teams to think creatively and ultimately to become a successful part of a larger community.


As a special feature besides videos, each piece will have a short introduction by the artist, or an interview with Reichlin, or a short verbal introduction. Andrew Zutta is editor for the online festival.

The exact times of each companies’ interview and performance, including bios and photos will be on the website closer to the opening.

The festival presents 19 curated, diverse dances from 17 companies and studios:

Akomi Dance,  Alán L. Pérez, Barkin/Selissen Project, Brittany Woo, Cathartic Art, Degas Dance Studio, Emergence Dance Company, Emergent Dance Company, Jose Costas Contempo Ballet, Kairos, Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers, Mixed eMotion Theatrix, Pranamya Suri, Re:borN Dance Interactive, San Pedro City Ballet, Tonia Shimin, WestMet Classical Training, plus live interviews and scenes of San Pedro.

Time: Sept. 19 and 20 through Oct. 4.

Cost: Free