Monday, September 28, 2020
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Tag: Harbor Interfaith Services

Random Opportunities to Give Back

This column may be called Random Opportunities to Give Back, but it could just as well be called random opportunities to be generous when...

Operation Hope on Sixth Street

Community members partner to end the homeless crisis; this is what grace looks like By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Six days before the May 30 health...

Supporting Solutions, Not Neglect

Without more new jobs, will gentrification actually bring prosperity? By James Preston Allen, Publisher For some 50 years, I have witnessed the comings and goings of...

Homelessness and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Councilman Joe Buscaino’s botched attempt to open a navigation center is still fresh in the minds of many in San Pedro....

Hahn, Lowenthal Call on Brown to Act on Homelessness

Congressional representatives, local officials and advocates joined forces Oct. 6, calling on Gov. Edmund G. Brown to provide greater help to fight homelessness.

A Balancing Act Part II:

Harbor Interfaith Walks a Tightrope Between Large Caseloads, Politics By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor While the city and the county of Los Angeles are taking steps...

Evading the Holes in the Safety Net

One Mother’s Journey Through Los Angeles County’s Coordinated Entry System By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor The City of Los Angeles recently moved to seize and presumably...

True Leadership Demands Action in a Crisis

By James Preston Allen, Publisher “True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar. It comes to see that the edifice, which produces...

Sowing the Seeds of Compassion

Community Support of Harbor Interfaith is on the Rise By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor Despite the high-profile divisiveness over how to respond to the growing number...

Fear and Loathing of Transitional Housing

By Ivan Adame, RLn Contributor Homelessness is one of those intractable problems that requires bold action rather than words. That’s the main takeaway from the...

Most Read

During Climate Week 2020, Gov. Newsom to Host California Climate Action Day Highlighting California’s Global Leadership

The series of virtual conversations will cover topics including building the state’s climate resilience, implementing climate policies in an equitable way, aligning financial decision-making with climate realities and other subjects.

Earthquake Damage In San Pedro

Earthquake brought flooding near Weymouth corners.

Long Beach Convention Center will serve as LA County Vote Center

Every Vote Center will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the early voting period.

Environmental Films Discussion Magnifies Need For Diplomacy

Thebaut aligns with the use of solar wind and tidal energy, even nuclear power is a clean energy. As a regional environmental planner he created numerous environmental impact statements and planning studies under the national and state environmental policy act. He said we must have the technologies to create mitigating measures and the knowledge on how we can mitigate the impact.